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Barb Bruno
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Good As Gold Training
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Barb is internationally recognized as one of the top experts in the Staffing, Recruiting and Sales Professions. She was selected by LinkedIn Learning after their content managers viewed her platform skills and expertise to created fifteen recruiting courses which have been approved for their Enterprise clients continuing education curriculum. In these courses Barb strongly promotes the utilization of contract staffing services to LinkedIn’s large Enterprise Clients.

Barb was instrumental in helping design TSA’s Certification Program, wrote the best practices Study Guide and Industry Practices and conducts prep training that covers critical knowledge points of the exam. She was able to promote the TSA Certification Program in several of the courses she created for LinkedIn Learning.

Barb has developed web-based training programs that are distributed in several countries and her Top Producer Tutor clients have increased efficiency and profits. She will launch several new Tutors in the last quarter of 2021 including: Add Direct Hire, Add Flexible Staffing, Contract Staffing Recruiting Tutor, Contract Staffing Sales Tutor, Direct Hire Recruiting Tutor and Direct Hire Client Development Tutor.

Barb has developed a web-based Career Portal which puts 90 minutes back in the day for most Recruiters and improves the Candidate Experience. Career Portal owners assist 100% of candidates they attract by either placing them or referring them to their customized Career Portal. Over 500 Contract Staffing Firms worldwide are now offering this Career Portal to candidates they don’t place and are enjoying increased referrals, positive social media posts, and passive income! They’ve also increased sales and profits because their recruiters are focused on the 5% candidates they will place!

Barb has also held many leadership roles including: Indiana State President for IAPC, Illinois State President of IAPC and Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Personnel Services. She is the recipient of the Lincoln Award, Harold B. Nelson Award, Woman of Merit Award and was inducted in NAPS Hall of Fame. She currently serves as Co-Chair of the Women Business Collaborative Staffing Workstream.

Barb’s web-based Tutors, in-house training sessions and Executive Consulting have increased sales and profits for 100% of her clients, including many TSA members.
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