SIM Foundation Keynote: Be the Rainbow
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 17, 2021, 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM
Brian Shul

Presented by Brian Shul, Former SR-71 Pilot Major, USAF Retired

Brian Shul's compelling story of living fearlessly and embracing the opportunities of each day. As an Air Force fighter pilot, Brian was shot down in the Vietnam War and severely burned in the ensuing crash. Initially given up for dead, he was finally rescued, spent more than a year recovering and was told his flying days were over. Amazingly, Brian returned to active duty flying, and became one of only 89 men in history to fly the SR-71 spy plane, the fastest jet ever built.  Brian inspires hope, overcoming obstacles, daring to dream and shares his passion for the magnificence of U.S. ingenuity and technology.

Location Name
Ritz-Carlton Ballroom