Enhancing Enterprise Value Roundtable - Group I: Right-Now Solutions for Data Privacy and Cybersecurity
Date & Time
Friday, November 19, 2021, 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM
Jerry Grady

Roundtable Discussion: Right-Now Solutions for Data Privacy and Cybersecurity             
Roundtable Lead: Jerry Grady, Partner, UHY, LLP 

If cybersecurity was not on the radar of staffing owners across the globe before, it should be, especially now. Recently, the Biden administration announced a ransomware task force after cyber breaches carried out by Russian ransomware operators paralyzed a good portion of the East Coast’s gasoline supply and crippled a major meat processing company. Recent breaches have occurred because of human failure rather than technology failure because today’s advanced persistent threats target people, not systems. There is a strategic gap between security risks and security solutions.

Regardless of company size, security breaches result in reputational damage and material business disruption. Developing and managing an effective cybersecurity program is becoming a necessity in today’s internet-driven economy. This roundtable will cover right-now solutions, state and federal laws that you need to be aware of, and how to protect the data of your company and employees.

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