Networking Roundtable Lunch
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM
Location Name
Flores Ballroom 4&5

Networking Roundtable Lunch 

Networking lunch with SIM attendees and subject matter experts that can give you clear takeaways and actionable ideas.

Explore Tuesday's Topic

1 Are you struggling to reach the right number of qualified and diverse candidates?
Daniel Fellows, CEO,

2 Could Outsourcing Be A Game-Changer For Your Staffing Business?
Bryan Tweed, Sr. VP - Sales and Key Accounts (US), IMS Group

3 Dealing with Fake and Suspect Candidates
John Bemis, President, Benchmark IT, LLC

4 Enhancing the Candidate and Client Journey for Tangible Results
Larry Hemley, President, S.J.Hemley Marketing

5 Give the Workers What They Want: Leveraging the Contract Work Revolution without Expanding Liability
Frank Marsh, Business Development Manager, People2.0

6 Growing your Staffing Firm in the Age of Disruption

7 How to Build Leaders in a the Work From Home Model
Jerry Grady, Partner & National Staffing Industry Practice Leader, UHY

8 How to Get More Referrals: Best Practices & Industry Benchmarks
David Folwell, President, Staffing Referrals

9 How Will Machine Learning and Automation Revolutionize Recruiting?
Jeremy Schiff, CEO, RecruitBot

10 How to maximize your IT Investments with software-based procurement
Rod Rodier, Co-Founder & VP Sales and Ron Abisi, Chief Revenue Officer, Lightyear

11 Identifying & Hiring the Best Sales Candidates
Rick Carlson, Harvyst Consulting Partners

12 Improve Your Cashflow: Best Practices for Collecting Timely VMS/MSP Payments
Debbie Scott, Vice President of Operations, Round Table Resource Group

13 Innovative Tech Disruptors in the Staffing Space
Cassidy Stewart, Sales Manager, North America, JobAdder

14 M&A:  Prepping your IT Staffing Firm for Sale
Martin Borosko, M&A:  Prepping your IT Staffing Firm for Sale, Becker LLC

15 Maintaining Culture in a Hybrid Environment
Andrew Jackson, President, BravoTECH

16 Solution for moonlighting issues
Shiva Naidu, Moonlighting, BonaHire

17 Staffing Industry Legal Update
Bill Josey, Principal, William S. Josey, LLC

18 Strategic Solutions to Scale Workforce Amidst Talent Shortages
Akhilesh Pandey, Chief Customer Officer, QX Global Group

19 The Enterprise Tech Stack: To build or not to build.
Chris Kendrick, Founder & CEO, Mercury

20 Unbiased hiring and role of AI
Ravi Daparthi, President and CTO, Oorwin

21 Utilizing the talent of international students by hiring students on OPT and STEM OPT 
Anthony Zarate, Attorney, Hammond Neal Moore

22 What tech talent engagement really looks like in the modern recruiting workflow
Pankaj Jindal, Co-Founder, sense

23 Who are you? How branding and thought leadership feeds your tech stack
Brian Jameson, Partner, echogravity

24 Winning At The Edge: Leveraging Modern VMS Technology for Game-Changing Growth Opportunities in 2023
James Lucier, EVP, CEIPAL