Networking Roundtable Lunch
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Location Name
Hotel Waterfall / Main Lawn

Explore Wednesday's Topics

#1 Are you struggling to reach the right number of qualified and diverse candidates?
Daniel Fellows, CEO,

#2 Characteristics and traits of top performing staffing companies who embrace a leadership culture.
John McGraw, Senior Vice President, Access Capital

#3 Could Outsourcing Be A Game-Changer For Your Staffing Business?
Bryan Tweed, Sr. VP - Sales and Key Accounts (US), IMS Group

#4 Creating A Foundation To Consistently Produce High Performing Teams
Amanda Marciniak, Director of Learning & Development, SSi People

#5 Engage and Retain your Team
Barbara Bruno, Pres. Good as Gold Training and HR Search, Good as Gold Training

#6 Enhancing the Candidate and Client Journey for Tangible Results
Larry Hemley, President, S.J.Hemley Marketing

#7 Give the Workers What They Want: Leveraging the Contract Work Revolution without Expanding Liability
Frank Marsh, Business Development Manager, People2.0

#8 Hiring & People Development Best Practices
Tom Nunn, President, Tom Nunn Consulting, LLC

#9 How AI Chatbots Are Transforming The Candidate Experience in the IT & Engineering Staffing Industry
Pankaj Jindal , Co-Founder, sense

#10 How Will Machine Learning and Automation Revolutionize Recruiting?
Jeremy Schiff, CEO, RecruitBot

#11 How to Cultivate Technical Credibility
Alison Daley, CEO, Recruiting Innovation

#12 Innovative Tech Disruptors in the Staffing Space
Cassidy Stewart, Sales Manager, North America, JobAdder

#13 Leveraging Technology to Create Candidate Communities
Jared Hummel, President, Parqa

#14 Overcoming Workforce Shortages After The Great Resignation
Mitesh Saha, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, QX Global Group

#15 Unbiased hiring and role of AI
Ravi Daparthi, President and CTO, Oorwin

#16 Unpack Your Purpose
Laura Swanson, Senior Account Executive, ClearEdge Marketing

#17 We can't want it more than they do!
Jennifer Waldrip, VP, Client and Talent Services, Partner, ProFocus Technology

#18 Winning At The Edge: Leveraging Modern VMS Technology for Game-Changing Growth Opportunities in 2023
James Lucier, EVP, CEIPAL