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Garrett Brown
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Mindset Advisor, Author, USC Adjunct Professors of Entrepreneurship, & Founder
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Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown are leadership visionaries, startup practitioners, university professors, authors, and the creators of the “Unsold Mindset.” After decades of collective experience as salespeople, leaders, and executives, their paths crossed at enterprise software startup Bitium, which they helped grow from relative obscurity to one of the leading players in enterprise identity management software. Their hard work paid off when Bitium was acquired by Google. They now serve as adjunct professors at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, where they teach the popular class they created, “Sales Mindset for Entrepreneurs” — a unique course centered on a first-of-its-kind curriculum combining leadership, sales, and personal development. It is the only permanent sales mindset class offered at any university. They are the authors of The Unsold Mindset (HarperCollins, February 2023), which draws from extensive research and interviews with the world’s most successful people to deconstruct everything we think we know about selling to show how anyone can achieve incredible results in their field, become the leader they wish they had, and find more purpose and fulfillment in their work.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Colin and Garrett are changing the way the world thinks about selling with a unique, mindset-focused approach to leadership, sales, and personal and professional development. Together, they reveal how the world’s greatest sellers are often the world’s greatest leaders (and vice versa!), as well as the common trait these change agents, influencers, and hometown heroes often share: an unrelenting commitment to showing up as their most authentic selves in everything they do. Using their “Unsold Mindset” approach, Coggins and Brown take audiences on an entertaining journey and share valuable lessons that empower people to reframe their mindsets to further their purpose, gain support for their ideas, develop solutions to problems, be catalysts for transformational change, and relish in the growth they have the chance to experience every day.

Colin Coggins has deep experience working as a revenue practitioner and theorist and is known for his unique and proven approach to scaling revenue generation by cultivating sales IQ across entire organizations, not just within sales units. He has held senior leadership roles at several emerging technology companies, including Bitium, Mobile Roadie, and Fabric. After Mobile Roadie was acquired, Colin took on the SVP of sales role at Bitium, where he and Garrett met. After Bitium was acquired by Google, Colin continued to serve as an executive sales leader, while also taking on a sales advisor and entrepreneur-in-residence role at Techstars. Colin and Garrett are co-founders of Agency18, a firm that helps mission-driven companies adopt the Unsold Mindset. Colin is also a startup investor and advisor, and an executive commercial leader.

Garrett Brown began his career as a corporate lawyer representing startups and entrepreneurs. Inspired by his clients, he decided to leave the world of law and enter the exciting world of tech startups. His first role was as a salesperson for an online gaming platform, where he eventually climbed the ranks to run all sales and business development efforts until the company was acquired. He joined enterprise software startup Bitium in its earliest days to serve as the company’s chief revenue officer, building and overseeing all revenue functions until it was acquired by Google. After the acquisition, Garrett joined Google in a revenue management role, learning countless lessons about the inner workings of one of the most recognizable companies on the planet. In addition to writing, speaking, teaching, and working with Agency18’s corporate clients, Garrett is an active startup and real estate investor, mentor, and startup advisor.
Garrett Brown