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Key Things to Know about The Event

  • The Zoom Meeting Password for ALL sessions: TSA
  • All event times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST); however the platform will automatically adjust to the time zone on your computer settings
  • Creating your agenda is important. Attendees are required to select sessions and add to their agenda to attend the session
  • You will need Zoom to participate in Q&A, Roundtable and Showcase Presentations. If you do not have a zoom account download zoom client for free prior to the event 
  • 1:1 Meeting Requests are sent by be sure to check your junk mail and/or add this address to your accepted email list!
  • All Keynote, Sessions, Roundtables and Trainings will be on-demand complimentary for three months after the event
  • There are no capacity limits to sessions, keynotes, roundtables, or trainings

Session Recordings

All Sessions were recorded and will be posted on the virtual event site for registrants to view until March 1, 2021.

  • There are a few sessions already available and our team is working diligently to get all recordings up on the site and will send a correspondence once all are posted.
  • You can access the presentation slides and recordings by going to the Schedule tab and selecting the session you wish to view.  
  • Session Recording Videos are embedded on the session details page

Need Help? Have Questions

  • For general questions regarding the virtual event site, please contact or (202) 631-1057 
  • For questions regarding registration contact Kim Earle or (202) 487-5437 
  • For questions regarding event content, please contact Susan Donohoe 




What is the Zoom Meeting Password


the password is the same for all sessions!

I didn't set up a password or can't remember my password

Under the Attendee Login tab select "Request Password Reset" from here you will enter the email you used to register. You will then received an email to reset

Do I need to add a session to my agenda to attend? 

Yes. It is required to add session(s) to your agenda to attend

How do I add session(s) to my agenda?

To add or remove session(s) from your agenda select "My Agenda" and then select to the blue "Add Sessions" button. This will take you to the "Select Sessions" registration page. Once here add/remove session(s) and then click continue through to the confirmation page

I don't see a video on the session page? 

All videos will appear at the start of the session and not a minute before!

Where is the Live Q&A Button?

The Live Q&A blue buttons will appear 5 minutes before the Q&A will start on the session screen

How can I schedule a meeting with an attendee?

Under the "Attendee Directory" tab you can search for attendees, once you find the attendee you want to meet select "Request a Meeting". Once the attendee "Accept" you are all set.


Hot Tip - you can schedule a meeting with up to 10 people. This is a great time to meet with your team and discuss what you learned!

Are there times I can't schedule a meeting?

No. You are free to schedule meetings anytime starting Nov 9.

I'm not getting any 1:1 meeting requests? 

1:1 meeting requests come from be sure to add this address to your accepted email list

How do I tell if someone has accepted my request? 

Your meeting requests will appear on "My Agenda" calendar in grey, once accepted they will turn blue