Training Webinar Series

Technology Made Simple for Technical Recruiters (& AEs)

presented by Dr. Obi Ogbanufe

Starting in June 2023, TechServe Alliance will offer a four-part training webinar series – Technology Made Simple for Technical Recruiters (and AEs)- presented by Dr. Ogbanufe.

The goal of the training webinar series is to make Recruiters and Account Executives more conversant in the language of the key technologies and associated skill sets enabling them to be more successful in their roles.

Non-technical recruiters and account executives will come away with a better understanding of the technology fundamentals that will allow them to more confidently source, engage, interview and place technical talent as well as communicate more effectively with hiring managers about their technology talent needs.

Technology Made Simple training webinar series will provide an overview of programming languages, technical workflows, lingo for Cloud, DevOps, Mobile technologies, artificial intelligence, Big Data, cyber security, and other crucial skill sets in demand by clients.  

Each training webinar will include: 

  1. Overview of technology 

  1. What skills are required for each technology 

  1. Language to use when discussing the technology 

  1. How to review job requirements 

  1. Sample questions to ask candidates when screening for technical skills 

  1. Explanation of why the questions matter and how to evaluate the answers 

  1. Handouts to support content  

Equipped with this information, recruiters and account executives will be enabled to analyze client and candidate requirements with confidence.  


Includes Access to the Four-Part Training Webinar Series both Live and On-Demand, Handouts, and the Book: Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter

Member Firm - $295.00/registrant

Non-Member Firm - $395.00/registrant

Discounted Rate for Registering Your Team

5+ Registrants - Member Firm - $245.00/registrant

Training Dates 

Course Information 

This training is offered as a four-part webinar series both live and on demand with handouts. One attendee permitted per registration and it is for the entire series. Group discounts are available.  

PLUS - All registrants will receive a copy of Dr. Ogbanufe’s book Technology Made Simple for the Technical Recruiter.  


June-October 2023

Training 1 - Understanding Cloud and DevOps  

June 20, 2023 

12:30 – 1:30 P.M. ET  

  • DevOps, the glue between development and production 

  • Overview of DevOps, Cloud Computing, and their relationship 

  • DevOps & Cloud Computing Technologies 

  • Job roles and their skill requirements  

  • DevOps and Cloud Computing Candidate Screening with sample questions 


Training 2- Explained: Software, Apps, and Mobile Development Technologies  

July 13, 2023 

12:30 – 1:30 P.M. ET  


Training 3- It’s All About Data: Traditional Databases, BigData, and AI/Machine Learning  

September 2023 

12:30 – 1:30 P.M. ET 


Training 4- Networking and Information Security  

October 2023 

12:30 – 1:30 P.M. ET 


All training webinars will be available on demand after the live presentation.