Breakout Sessions  

Delivering the Strategies and Tactics Empowering 

Technology Staffing Firms to Succeed in a Dynamic Environment 

As always, TechServe Alliance Executive Summit will continue to present content that explores the unique business needs of the Technology Staffing & Solutions industry.  The Executive Summit will host breakouts and roundtable discussions that are available exclusively for the attendees of the  Executive Summit.   

Breakout sessions & roundtables include topics that span, but are not limited to, the following themes:  

  • Succeeding in a Remote and Hybrid Work World   
    The remote and hybrid work models adopted by most technology staffing firms and clients ushered in as result of the pandemic represents a major paradigm shift.  The ability to recruit-from-anywhere-sell-to-anywhere has created new opportunities as well as challenges.  From connecting with prospective clients who work from home to managing both the internal team and consultants who are working remotely, peer-led panels and subject matter experts will explore how technology staffing firms are succeeding in this new environment. 

  • Leadership and Creating an Extraordinary Culture  
    What distinguishes a typical firm from one that achieves extraordinary breakout performance?  Technology staffing employs no IP, the key differentiator is simply stated: leadership and culture.  From visionary leadership, data-driven management to building an extraordinary company culture, these sessions will explore the strategies and tactics that drive exceptional firm performance.  

  • Attracting, Developing, and Retaining a High-Performing Team   
    In Technology Staffing, no firm can be successful and scale without a strategy and repeatable process for recruiting and developing an effective sales and recruiting team.  Drawing upon the insights and best practices of staffing firm executives who have scaled and the industry’s leading consultants, we will explore what it takes to attract, develop and retain a high performing team.  

  • Leveraging AI, Automation, and the Future of the Talent Acquisition Tech Stack   
    Artificial Intelligence, automation and other emerging technologies have the potential to fundamentally disrupt staffing. Like technology and business model shifts in the past, these developments represent both a threat and an opportunity for technology staffing firms. These sessions will explore where we are in the development of these technologies, where we are going, and how to leverage their current capabilities to optimize staffing firm operations for greater profitability.   


Content details are being developed now. We welcome TechServe members and sponsors to submit session ideas on the above themes, please contact if you have a topic you think would be of value to the Executive Summit.