Emerging Leaders Forum 

Overview and Agenda  

November 19th  

10:45 A.M.- 4:30 P.M. 

Moderator:  Tom Nunn, President, Tom Nunn Consulting
Presenters:  Barb Bruno, President, Good Aas Gold Training
Rick Carlson, President, Harvyst Consulting
William Josey, Attorney, William S. Josey, LLC

For an IT & engineering staffing firm to scale and build enterprise value, it must successfully develop its future leaders.  While most firms recognize this imperative, few firms possess the internal expertise and resources to do so.  In response to this gap, TechServe has created the Emerging Leaders Forum designed to provide a one-day industry leadership primer for the high potential members of your team.  

The Emerging Leaders Forum will be held in conjunction with the Executive Summit and led by veteran industry executive and consultant Tom Nunn.  Participants will engage with renown industry experts in leadership, sales and recruiting management and compliance and legal issues along with other emerging leaders from across the country. 

Separate Registration Required.  Space is limited for this interactive forum.  Reserve today! 


  • Introductions, Agenda Review & Meeting Norms  
  • Attributes of Great Leaders  
    • Motivating and Developing the Team 
    • Effective Delegation 
    • Driving Accountability 
    • Comfortable Being Uncomfortable 
    • The Ideal Team Player 
  • Deeper Dive 
    • Accountability Fundamentals 
    • Coaching Fundamentals 
    • Effective Feedback  
    • Company Culture 
  • Leading Recruiters - Presented by Barb Bruno, President, Good as Gold Training
  • Leading Salespeople - Presented by Rick Carlson, President, Harvyst Consulting
  • Legal and Compliance - Presented by William Josey, Attorney, William S. Josey, LLC
  • Self-Improvement & Continuous Learning 
  • Recap and Q&A